click MAMA click Photography Workshop – Get out of Auto mode

Amanda Webb of Footsteps Photography  is offering a 1 day photography course geared towards moms who want to get out of Auto mode and get better photos of their kids and/or learn more about your camera.

Do you have a new camera with lots of buttons and dials you don’t know they do?
Are you a mom just looking to take better photographs of your children?
Do you and your family travel and want to better document your journeys?
Are you stuck on Auto mode feature but would love to learn how to shoot on manual?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then this class is for you!!!


 Class size will be limited to 6 to keep the group small and allow more hands on learning and time for questions


Class includes:

  • Full day of learning with Amanda
  • Lunch,¬† cupcakes, and warm drinks
  • A goodie bag with some of our favorite things including a great book to continue your learning

Participants should have/bring:

  • Weather appropriate clothing for outside portions
  • Pen and paper (tablet optional)
  • DSLR camera with fully charged battery and memory card (a 50mm prime lens is highly recommended, but not required)
  • Camera’s instruction manual
  • List of questions

Brief class syllabus

  1. We are going to be focusing more on the shooting aspect for this workshop
  2. Learning your camera and what the buttons do and when to use them (DSLR based cameras)
  3. Aperture, Shutter and Manual settings – when to use them
  4. Lighting your kids naturally
  5. A few key tricks to make a better visual image
  6. Modifiers – free and cheap
  7. Histograms
    (While the bulk of the camera information will be geared more towards DSLR cameras, the knowledge and tricks can apply to any camera type.)


Ready to Sign up?? Good. I am excited too about meeting and teaching this awesome class.

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